How was your Summer?

It was an unusually hot and wet Summer in Toyama this year!
Actually it was so hot that I couldn't go outside between 11am and 3pm on most days in August, so I decided to get things done early in the morning before 9am! 

Summertime in nature is so colourful and loud! I love my morning walks because there are so many kinds of flowers in full bloom! Dahlia, Morning Glory, Lily and Sunflower to name a few! 
Then, there are the deafening cries of cicadas! If you're lucky, you can find a perfect cicada shell on a tree branch or the water-fountain! 
Don't forget to watch out for the beetles. Be careful not to step on them! 

All in all, this Summer was a simple one, filled with morning walks along the river or in the park nearby, lots of Pokari Sweat to keep me hydrated during the day and Siesta whenever I could find the time for it (^^)
So, what did you do over the Summer? 
I want to hear all about it!

During the period of July 1st to August 25th, we received nine votes of which the majority went to Soba noodles! Regardless of the results, I personally love BOTH noodles! 
Thank you for taking part! 
We hope you will join us in our next poll! Best, Joanna (^^)

Beach surprise!

How often do you go to the beach?
What do you expect to see at there?
Do you like the feel of the sand between your toes?
I was surprised by my visit at the beach today, click below and find out why!


Riddles are great for language learning and improving your imagination!
The clues are hidden in the adjectives and verbs. Good Luck!
1. What word sounds like something that 'shatters'?
2. What can you "sit on" in a park?

Going Virtual!

Discussion events in the virtual world!

Our first Learn Through Communication event in the metaverse! 
It was quite simple. Sign up to the application, choose an avatar and join the event!
We could roam around the 'farm' to specific areas that allowed us to view images or billboards, find 'lost' avatars, watch videos together and chat in specific spaces for group discussions! The game-like element also made the discussion event more entertaining, for example we bumped into the trees and fences or got lost and had to find our way back to the chatrooms! It was especially funny to see everyone sitting in a row, just like in a real classroom!  
Definitely worth organising again!

Earth Day 2022

Have you tried the quizzes from
Which one did you choose? What was the most shocking fact?
What new words did you pick up? Let us know!

How can we celebrate Earth Day? 

In class, we talked about the issues introduced by the Earth Day quizzes and reflected on our own daily choices. I also generated this painting via with the keywords: earth, nature, pollution, deforestation, change, recycling, love
I wanted to include more words but I ran out of space :)
What words would you use for your Earth Day

Wombo HP:  (free)

Spring Worksheet

Thank you for trying the Spring worksheet!

What is a Kumquat? It's 金柑 in Japanese! 
I have hay fever, how about you? 

November Word Puzzle



Autumn colors、紅葉や落ち葉などの秋らしい景色も好きですね!

本日は November word puzzle をご紹介します。
You can do it!
★Good Luck!★

Answer Key(答え)はこちら

What new words did you learn?
What do you notice about the spelling and sound of words?

Try our Halloween Word Quiz!

Try our Halloween word quiz! (answer key available below)
How are these words related to Halloween?
Feel free to share and discuss your ideas with us!


(answer key 解答はこちら

The most popular Summer Dessert is...

Thank you very much for taking part in our Summer Desserts online polling event!

The most popular dessert is.....
It was a very close race between ice cream (7 votes) and gelato (8 votes)! 
★Congratulations to our gelato fans!★

We received nineteen votes during the period of Aug. 14 - Sep. 26th 2021, via Facebook, Google, LINE and our website.
It is great to hear from you and also, to get different people involved in doing something with English! 

Have a great day with your favorite dessert!

posted 10/1/2021

Lovely Day Quotes



スイスの精神科医・心理学者の Carl Jung (カール・グスタフ・ユーン)の名言


  • creative mind:創造力 
  • play with〜:〜と遊ぶ、〜で遊ぶ 

「The creative mind」 は 「生き物」(例えば、ペット)として考えれば分かりやすくなります。

Discussion Questions

  • Do you agree with Carl Jung? Why or why not?
  • Are you a creative person? Explain.

Feel free to tell us your opinion!